Kuso-Oyazi Saigo no Hitohur(The old man's best swing)


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《Store name》

Kuso-Oyazi Saigo no Hitohuri

The old man's best swing 

It is a ramen shop in "Shonben Yokocho", just off Hankyu Juso Station in Osaka.


The name of the shop is "Kuso-Oyazi Saigo no Hitohur(The old man's best swing)".

If you just hear the name, you may have a dirty image.


However, the store is clean!


The clerks are only young and polite!


It is a good level to put a claim on the contrary to "signage is false" (laugh)


And above all, the taste of ramen is so delicate! !


Please have a look at the photos

Shijimi Ramen ( ¥780 しじみらーめん)

Asari Ramen ( ¥880 あさりらーめん)

Hamaguri Ramen ( ¥950 はまぐりらーめん)


A simple soy sauce taste based on three types of shellfish.


"the king of the light-taste world"


A gentle style that can be drunk up even the soup.


But it doesn't look right and the fighting power is so high!


What a bushy menma, rare chashu is cool !



"But it's a bit expensive for ramen?"

Cost performance is really good because it contains shellfish as much as I thought!


One-point advice from Dr.Shin-chan


If you drink too much, we recommend Ornithine-rich "Shijimi Ramen" ♪



Store name Kuso-Oyazi Saigo no Hitohur(The old man's best swing)
access  37 meters from Hankyu Juso Station West Exit (30 seconds on foot)
Regular holiday Regular holiday
business hours 11:00~23:00 ※ Ends as soon as the shellfish runs out
Street address 1-2-23 Jusanhoncho, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
phone number  06-6886-8181
URL http://www.kusooyaji.com/